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Posting your freight or empty trucks on a loadboard is only the beginning. Our Full Access Account helps you market your services to thousands of Trucking Planet Members and nearly 500,000 yearly visitors…Industrial Shippers, Motor Carriers, Freight Brokers, Owner Operators, Freight Agents and others use Trucking Planet to find the contacts they need with free viewing.Portrait of a senior executive Each visitor also clicks through an average of 10 times on our site, that’s about 5 million page views a year…looking for contacts like you.

Free viewing means every potential shipping customer, motor carrier, freight broker and agent can see you on Trucking Planet, opening up entirely new markets for your business. Did you know…

Less than 15% of all Licensed Carriers with an MC# use load boards?

Less than 1% of Industrial Shippers use load boards?

Trucking Planet is top ranked in all major search engines and easily found by everyone. And if we’re found, you are found too.

Why limit yourself to such a small piece of the market? It’s about building great relationships with companies offering better freight. Instead of beating the streets looking for good paying freight, let Trucking Planet work for you. When you join any of over 250 specialized groups, you can connect and friend hundreds of companies with the freight you want. Join groups and receive email specifically designed just for your freight needs.

Our Full Access Account Includes:

  • Send your freight and empty trucks via Mass Mail to nearly 2,000 Members using our FreightBlaster Emailing System, post in groups and reach hundreds of companies at a time, instantly by email.
  • Download the FMCSA Master Carrier Database, over 220,000 Licensed Motor Carriers, Freight Brokers and Freight Forwarders located in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, updated quarterly.
  • Access to completed job applications filled out at our site, from Freight Agents, Freight Sales Pros, Owner Operators and Logistics Professionals. Recruiting has never been easier.
  • Access to Motor Carrier Databases.
  • Access to our Shipper Database.

Use Trucking Planet to cover today’s business and to plant the seeds for growth in the future. We never stop promoting your business.

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