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Trucking Planet can provide you immediate impact today, when you need to cover a load or move a truck with our loadboard, we can help you take care of today’s business.

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We help build your contacts lists to give you more options. We market your company and your brand to the entire transportation and freight industry through our SEO, our promotions, emails and more, You get seen by virtually everyone in the Trucking, Freight and Shipping Industry who searches the web. When you add your website to your profile, it will drive traffic to your site and promote your business directly.

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With over 40,000 monthly visitors and over 400,000 monthly page views, we capture virtually the entire available freight and empty truck market. Our Members can email thousands of contacts within minutes too. Highly trafficked and high powered email are the reason we continue to grow.

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When you join any of over 250 specialized groups at the site, and post in those groups, 3 things happen. Your post is stored in that group for easy reference by visitors, your post appears on the “Latest Activity” page, and each group member is sent an email of your new post. In just a few short minutes, you can reach hundreds of contacts who already have an interest in your post. Never before has growing your contacts, covering freight and empty trucks been so easy!

Added Features…

In addition, you’ll have access to our shipper database, over 130,000 Industrial Shippers located in 48 states, our quarterly Motor Carrier and Freight Broker Download which lists every active company with an MC# and our one of a kind FreightBlaster Mass Emailing Feature when you need to get something covered – quick!

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