Arrow Courier, Inc dba Arrow Express, Inc

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Company Name

Arrow Courier, Inc dba Arrow Express, Inc

Company Type

Licensed Motor Carrier

MC# or FF#

MC# 152113

Equipment Specialty

Cars, Vans and 26 Foot Trucks
Freights we handle:
Sensitive Materials
Airport Deliveries
Air Craft Parts
Commercial freight

Phone Number

203 579 4181 – Phone

Contact Name

Joan Izzo or David Kalinowski

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Courier Company for 35 years
Located in Fairfield, Ct. 06825
Servicing Companies in Ct, NY, NJ, Delaware, Massachusetts and any State delivery needs to be made
24/7 Express Courier/ Delivery
On Demand/Same Day Courier Service
Scheduled/ Overnight Deliveries
Direct Communication with Drivers 24/7
Next flight out Service/Airport counter to Counte
Interest/Intrastate Carrier
TSA Approved
Hazmat Approved
Fully Insured
24/7, Weekends & Holidays
Unlimited Miles
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Payment Terms

Accept All Major Credit Cards or 30Days for emailed invoices or mailed invoices

Monthly Volume

50 plus shipments

Number of Trucks Owned or Leased

Two Leased