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Tell everybody about your company was created to help truck operators (also referred to as Carriers) establish and maintain their performance record and reputation online. Truck operators can be a small business with a few trucks or a large business that operates a fleet of trucks.

We also designed for truck brokers and freight forwarders. Brokers and forwarders can maintain a totally private performance record (visible only to them) of the truck operators they contract with. They can also search and view the performance record maintained by the operator. Most importantly, a broker can see what other brokers think of an operator. All of this can be accomplished at no cost. It is free and easy to use.

As the service matures it will prove to be a valuable tool for both the operator and the broker. It will take the guess work and stress out of choosing a quality carrier for your most important customers because you will know for sure what level of quality service the truck operator provides.

The service is free and we encourage you to go to our website and register today.