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    Independent Owner Operators with flatbed, van, or reefer
    Independent Owner Operators with only a tractor – drop and hook opportunity – MUST HAVE AUTHORITY 6 MONTHS OR MORE

    Our Basic Service Plan:

    This plan is by far the most popular. We have built our business around this plan. This plan was created for our clients who need our load matching services for most or all of their monthly needs for a flat monthly rate. We handle all your basic freight matching needs including, but not limited to:

    •Locating your best possible load matches.
    •Dispatcher will review all of your options with you.
    •Obtain the best possible rate for the load.
    •Verify credit worthiness of the broker or shipper.
    •Handle all necessary faxes and paperwork including rate confirmations, broker set up and insurance certificates.
    •Make sure you or your drivers are properly dispatched out on the load with the correct information.
    •Send you a copy of the rate confirmation.
    •Work with your factoring company to make sure the broker is approve

    The cost for this plan is a flat 6% per truck load booked.

    Paperwork Only Service Plan:

    If you are just seeking help in handling paperwork for the loads you haul THE PAPERWORK ONLY SERVICE PLAN is for you! We can save you money and time by handling your paperwork.

    This plan is for those drivers who secure their own loads, but do not want to or have time for all the paperwork. This will save you money in FAXING, SCANNING, ETC.

    • We will verify the brokers credit for you
    • We will contact the broker and have them send us their set up packet
    • We will complete all necessary information including insurance certificate
    • We will send you the rate confirmation sheet
    • All load activity will be sent to you

    The cost of this plan is a flat $200 per month.

    More Benefits:
    -80-90% of loads are from Shippers
    No forced dispatch
    -Our drivers are our 1st priority
    -We plan ahead for you
    -You are not a number to us
    -Friendly dispatch
    -We have an open door policy. If you have a problem just let us know and we will do our best to solve it.
    -We handle set-up packets and build clientele base
    -Our office is in Georgia but we dispatch you from your home area, truck stop or the place where you delivered your last load.

    Call or email today @ 1-800-964-1256

    We Work For You
    Bridging the Gap between Shippers and Carriers