Site Rules

It is the goal of Trucking Planet to make this website the purist community of trucking and freight professionals available anywhere online. It is our objective to bring a large shipping community to this site, potential new customers for our members, to help keep the site looking professional. Report any members immediately to Trucking Planet by e-mailing us at: who violate the rules below. Thank you.

Trucking Planet only accepts memberships from licensed motor carriers and their representatives, licensed freight brokers and their representatives and qualified industrial shippers.

Things that will get your account deleted:

During promotions and free trials, each company is only permitted to have one account. Paid Monthly subscribers can have as many accounts as they wish.

♦ No cussing (1 warning)

♦ No fights (1 warning)

♦ No nudity (Immediately banned)

♦ No racial statements (Immediately banned)

♦ No disrespect towards females (Immediately banned)

♦ No politics (1 warning)

♦ No selling products or services. (Immediately banned – as per the request of the membership who want to do business and not be solicited with products and services)

♦ Setting up 2 accounts under the same name during a special promotion (e.g. back to back free trial offers, etc)

♦ If we receive complaints about bad business practices from other members.

♦ Selling, posting or messaging any member with commercial products or services, including load boards, posting sites or sites that compete with this service (Immediately banned)

♦ Anything else at the discretion of Trucking Planet if we find it not in the best interest of the membership

♦ Only Trucking and Freight Professionals and Industrial Shippers accepted as members.

Enjoy the site. Make contacts and have fun.