jobspadTrucking Planet is not like a typical loadboard. Loadboards are designed to keep your business hidden from potential customers and motor carriers by making viewing private and member only,

Trucking Planet takes a different approach. We want your company in front of every potential contact – millions of transportation industry pros – any shipper, carrier, freight broker, agent, owner operator, truck driver or logistics professional surfing the web can see you on Trucking Planet with free, open viewing. New viewers everyday means new contacts see your company everyday.

When you post on Trucking Planet, you are also e-mailing, networking and marketing your services with other site members. Reaching new companies everyday for our members is the cornerstone of our business.

Trucking Planet is priced far lower than traditional loadboards. We not only market your business better, but we save you money.



Email contacts with your freight or empty truck
Why wait for a potential customer to find you on a loadboard? FreightBlaster™ puts your offer directly in front of them via email – easily, quickly, reliably and effectively.
Shipper Database
Over 138,000 industrial shipper contacts in 48 states
Deal direct with factories and leave the middle man behind. That means higher profits and more long-term relationships.
Over 215,000 licensed motor carriers, freight brokers and freight
forwarders – updated quarterly
Expand your list of suppliers with current data of new and updated operating authority. Avoid the costs of data list purchase.
Loadboard is also a lead harvesting tool for our subscribers Trucking Planet’s stand alone loadboard, can send you an email every time a load or truck is posted that you have an interest in. Let us collect new freight and carrier leads for you.
Member Groups
Get instant notifications when you join groups that fit your interests
When you join a group, you can receive notifications of freight available instantly, daily or weekly. You have total control on the notifications you receive and will never miss another opportunity.
When you post in a group, that group’s members receive your offer with no extra steps from you. A single mouse click delivers your message to an entire group of potential customers and contacts.
Friends Lists
Create and customize friends lists, based on your own criteria
Friend hundreds of contacts by company type, equipment type and more. Reach all of your friends at once, in a group message.
Activity Stream
Post available freight or empty trucks

Your activity stream is seen by all visitors to Trucking Planet – giving you maximum reach and search engine exposure.

No Contracts. No Long-Term Obligations. Cancel Anytime.

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